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Your farm is your legacy. It will be passed down to future generations of your family, and you want your legacy to be thriving and profitable for this generation and the next. Maintaining a successful farming operation requires the best and most advanced techniques for healthy land and high crop yields. In today's world, ag science is constantly evolving, and it's difficult to stay up to date on the best products and services for your farm.

Sun Ag provides your farm and your family with a trusted Agronomist partner to advise you on the right combination of products and services to produce a thriving farming operation. What makes Sun Ag different? Our team is proactive, available for your needs, and professional. Built on strong family values, Sun Ag is ready to help you maintain and/or improve your farming operation for generations to come.

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Leadership Team


Dave & Lori Neisler


Mark Baer

Agronomy Sales Manager

John Tyrrell

Operations Manager

Drew North


Sun Ag's History

Sun Ag Inc. has its roots in Agriculture. The Neisler (Kring) heritage came to El Paso in the 1850's. The house that Dave Neisler grew up in was purchased in 1870. That homestead traces to use for school in 1834. Dave started farming while going to school in 1967. Lori and Dave were married in 1969. Their farm operation exists today.

That long standing agricultural heritage carried on to the agricultural retail business. Dave and Lori Neisler purchased Sun Ag in 1993 with locations in El Paso and Hudson. Since that time, the business has grown to include locations in Tremont, McNabb, and Cullom. Sun Ag Inc. ownership is maintained by that one family today.

The employees at Sun Ag are a part of that long standing presence.

Sun Ag Inc. strives to deliver high quality products and services that exceed expectations. We welcome an opportunity to contribute to the success of your farming operation.

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Trust Sun Ag to Grow Your Legacy