Longest-Lasting Protection Against Ammonia Volatilization

ANVOL™ nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services is the next-generation urease inhibitor driven by DUROMIDE™ technology. DUROMIDE was developed to extend the duration of urea volatilization protection and minimize the overall amount of fertilizer applied.


Extended Protection

Developed as a sturdy active ingredient, DUROMIDE has been shown to extend the window of protection for nitrogen compared to other urease inhibitor technologies. In a 2016 Louisiana State University rice trial, ANVOL with DUROMIDE reduced cumulative ammonia loss to 12 percent, compared to losses of more than 30 percent with untreated urea.¹

Highly Effective

When it comes to boosting yield results, ANVOL significantly outperforms untreated urea alone. 2016-2018 results across 8 site years with locations in Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee showed that ANVOL reduced nitrogen loss and boosted yields by an average of 31 bushels per acre compared to untreated urea.


Increased Efficiencies

ANVOL features a dark green color and offers a high active ingredient concentration, allowing for a low application rate. DUROMIDE technology contributes to more efficient coating operations across a wide variety of impregnation methods and reduced fertilizer buildup on equipment with its drier urea fertilizer blend.


Get next generation efficiency by protecting fertilizer investments and reducing nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization.

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