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Hometown Values. Advanced Technologies.

You need a trusted partner for your farm in order to improve and grow your farming operation.  Sun Ag is a family owned and operated business built on midwest values. Our traditions of hard work and integrity, coupled with professional agronomists that understand the latest technologies in farming, is the perfect fit for your farm and a great partner to help you grow your legacy and provide for your family and for the world.


Sun Ag provides the latest products for a successful farming operation

  • molecule

    Anhydrous Ammonia

  • fertilizer

    Liquid & Dry Fertilizer

  • Crop Protection

  • NewSeed


  • smart-farm

    Precision Agriculture

  • tractor

    Application Services

    VRT Dry Fertilizer & Lime

    Liquid Application

    Aerial Application

    360 Y-Drop Sidedress

    Custom Anhydrous Applications (Strip-till)

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    Additional Services

    Variable-Rate Technology

    Precision Planting Dealership

    Crop Monitoring

    Soil Sampling/Tissue Analysis


Sun Ag Agronomists are ready to advise you on the right services for your farm

Trust Sun Ag to Grow Your Legacy