Deposition Adjuvants

Deposition Adjuvants

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No matter the application product, we have the solution to help you keep your spray droplets within the most effective size range.


Versatile Drift Reduction and Deposition

Derived from crop based oil, InterLock® adjuvant considerably reduces the amount of fine particles in the spray pattern without thickening the spray. Field studies with water-sensitive paper showed the benefit of InterLock® adjuvant as well as Preference® adjuvant, a highly effective nonionic surfactant, which had more droplets throughout the canopy. By keeping more spray droplets within the most effective size range, InterLock® adjuvant helps improve coverage, increases canopy penetration, and reduces drift and evaporation of pesticides, whether they are applied by ground or air.

Improved Coverage

MasterLock® adjuvant helps optimize droplet adhesion, which reduces bounce and increases droplet spreading for improved contact and coverage. It also helps to get the droplets down in the canopy. The combination of increased adhesion, reduction in bounce and increased canopy penetration leads to more fungicide and insecticide where it is needed the most.


Lock-In Spray Deposition and Coverage

InterLock® adjuvant improves spray droplet deposition for optimized coverage and product performance. Adding InterLock® adjuvant to the spray solution helps improve droplet coverage and helps the droplets stay on target on tough weeds such as lambsquarters.

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Work effectively with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, desiccants and defoliants.

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